Tungsten Metal Guide

Buyers Guide - Tungsten Metal


Tungsten Wedding Rings Tungsten is a durable long-lasting metal - grey in colour with a tradesmark luminous shine.

It is currently a very fashionable choice in the custom ring design industry.

Its advantageous features include its strength as well as its resistance to bending to a degree that surpasses; gold, silver, titanium and platinum!

As well, the fact that tungsten is able to withstand enormous amounts of pressure and heavy loads, is what renders it a favourable wedding ring option for men, and to those whose occupation involves manual labour. Its scratch resistance is another advantage as it takes an abrasive material with hardness near to that of a diamond to put a scratch on tungsten!

As a result of its high melting point, in order for it to be malleable enough to work and craft with, it needs to be in its pure state.

A word of caution: Due to its hardness, in order to prevent it damaging your other jewellery, it would be advisable to store your tungsten wedding ring separately, ideally is a soft pouch.