Titanium Metal Guide

Buyers Guide - Titanium Metal


Titanium Wedding Rings Titanium is a fabulous option with regards to purchasing jewellery, particularly wedding rings.

This is mainly due to its ability to retain shape, its resistance to; corrosion, the damaging effects of sea water and chlorine. Hence, it is particularly suitable for men and for those who intend to wear their rings at the beach or in the swimming pool.

The fact that is extremely strong and resistant to corrosive fluids including human produced sweat, it lasts far longer than a similar item of gold or platinum that has been exposed to normal wear!

An added advantage is the fact that the composition of titanium doesn’t include any such substances that are prone to irritate sensitive skin so; it can be worn comfortably on all skin types.

Some advice when purchasing titanium wedding bands and titanium jewellery: Ensure that you are 100% happy with the sizing because as a result of its durability, it is very difficult to cut and resize.

Also, it is important to note that items of low quality titanium will have a greater amount of impurities contained therein. The latter could be the potential cause adverse a skin reaction in those who are particularly sensitive.