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Buyers Guide - Platinum Metal


Platinum Wedding Rings The rich and aristocratic history of platinum dates back three thousand years when it was first used by the ancient Egyptians. In Europe however, the first platinum jewellery were featured around the year 1780 in the court of Louis XVI of France.

Platinum metal though significantly rarer and therefore more expensive then gold and silver, is a popular choice in the jewellery industry- especially for wedding rings. Its beauty and value render it the ultimate expressions for many an occasion including; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and the like.

The latter is not only due to its practical properties - hardness and resistance to tarnishing, but also for its beautiful sheen and natural bright silvery tone. Its understated elegance deems it suitable for both men and women.

As a result of its density, platinum jewellery can be quite heavy. However, particularly in recent times, the men folk have come to regard the latter as an attribute! An additional advantage is its unbeatable level of purity which lends it its hypoallergenic properties. Hence, platinum jewellery is the ideal choice for those who tend to suffer from skin sensitivities.

On the whole, Platinum rings will remain in optimum condition even after prolonged wear. This is mainly as a result of it being one of the strongest, most enduring metals available.

Scratching may occur, though do to platinumís amazing durability, little if any material is lost as a result. However: if scratching does occur, no need to panic: simply re-polish and perfection will be restored immediately.

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