Ring Hallmarks

Identifying Hallmarks

Ring Hallmarks

Ring Hallmark Certain metals such as gold and silver are mixed with other metals, referred to as alloys to make them hard enough to be used for jewellery as well as affordable to the consumer.

The objective of a hallmark is to distinguish between metals such as white gold, platinum and palladium, which may look very similar but differ dramatically in price. As well, a hallmark acts as the Assay offices’ confirmation of the authenticity of the purity and fineness of the metal in question.

The hallmark comprises of three compulsory stamps:

The sponsors mark: - Specifies as to which firm or individual sent the ring for hallmarking. To obtain a sponsors mark, the item must be registered with the Assay office.

The standard mark: - This indicates the fineness of the metal in relation to the UK recognised standard.

The Assay’s mark: - This mark depicts a different symbol depending on which Assay office has tested and marked the ring or other item.