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General Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How is it possible that your price range is so much lower than the high street prices?
A: As a business which operates solely online, as appose to having premises on the high street, we save ourselves a lot of money in that regard. The latter is advantageous to both us and our customers, it is due to this that we have the means with which to present our loyal as well as first time customers with a timeless collection of affordable wedding rings and engagement jewellery, without compromising on quality or standard.

Additionally, most of our wedding rings and jewellery are manufactured in the UK, which further explains how we keep our price range lower than that of the high street.

    Q: Are your gold and diamonds certified?
A: At Elma jewellery, all our gold and diamonds have been hallmarked as per the legal standard by the Assay offices in either Birmingham or Sheffield.

    Q: How do I measure my finger to determine my ring size?
A: Upon request, Elma jewellery will send to your home address, a free ring sizer, from which you can use the manufacturer’s instructions to easily deduce your ring size. order your free ring sizer here

    Q: What are the key differences between the various shapes of rings that you sell?
A: The four main ring shapes that we offer are as follows:

D Shaped Rings
   D shaped - A D shaped ring is one that has a cross section resembling a D. This is due to its curved outside and flatter inside.

Court Shaped Rings
   Court shaped - Court shaped rings are renowned for their comfort which is mainly as a result of them being slightly rounded on both, their outside and inside.

The court shaped ring is the most popular and traditional choice in the wedding band industry. The fact that it is rounded on both the inside and outside will ensure that it sits snugly around your finger providing an optimum level of comfort.

Flat Court Shaped Rings
   Flat Court Shaped - A flat court ring means that the ring’s outside is flat - whereas its inside is curved. The idea of this is to provide the ring with a comfort effect, all the while matching the sometimes flat surface of some engagement rings.

Flat Shaped Rings
   Flat shaped - Flat shaped rings means that the ring is flat on both, the outside as well as the inside. complimenting the profile of many engagement diamond rings.

Shaped Rings- A shaped ring means that the actual shape of the ring is tailored specifically to sit comfortably with another ring. Shaped rings are a common requirement for those who possess a fancy shaped engagement ring and wish to match it with a second wedding ring.

    Q: You sell wedding rings made of titanium and palladium. What is the quality of the aforementioned metals?
The fact that titanium is an extremely strong albeit lightweight metal, is what renders your titanium rings and jewellery such high quality, As well as making it a perfect setting for diamonds. Its high resistance to dents and scratches will ensure that your titanium wedding ring remains in the optimum condition.

Our palladium range is also of high quality due to its hardness and low density. In addition, the fact that Palladium polishes to an extreme brightness means that your Palladium engagement ring will remain with constant high quality sheen.

    Q: Can you please explain exactly what are titanium, palladium and platinum rings?
Titanium is a fabulous option with regards to purchasing wedding jewellery, particularly wedding rings. This is mainly due to its ability to retain shape, its resistance to; corrosion, the damaging effects of sea water and chlorine. Hence, it is particularly suitable for men, or to those who intend to wear their rings on the beach or the swimming pool.

An added advantage is the fact that the composition of titanium doesn’t include any such substances that are prone to irritate sensitive skin, so; it can be worn comfortably on all skin types. Some advice when purchasing a titanium wedding band: Ensure that you are 100% happy with the sizing because as a result of its durability, it is very difficult to cut and resize.

Platinum metal is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, not only due to its practical properties - hardness and resistance to tarnishing, but also for its beautiful sheen and natural bright silvery tone. Due to its density, it can be quite heavy. However, the men folk think this to be an attribute! Attribute additionally, platinum’s purity renders it naturally hypoallergenic and hence, the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Scratching may occur if your platinum wedding ring comes into contact with a material that is stronger than itself such as steel or diamond. However: if scratching does occur, no need to panic: simply re-polish and perfection will be restored immediately.

Palladium belongs to the family of platinum metals, and hence it shares many of the same properties. The key difference is the fact that it is significantly softer. In addition, the fact that it is more sold at more affordable rates explain why it is more commonly used as an alternative to platinum, with regards to wedding and engagement rings. Its natural color is a silvery-white and therefore, it doesn’t require plating. Some aftercare advice: It is advisable to remove palladium rings when performing the mundane, for obvious protection reasons.

There are two types of palladium wedding rings, 500 and 950. The above simply indicates as to how much palladium is actually in the ring. 500 mean that the item comprises of 50% palladium and the remnant, other alloys. 950 imply that the item contains 95% palladium and 5% other alloys. Palladium wedding bands will be discreetly marked with the relevant number.

Also, make sure to see our Metals FAQ page for more details.

    Q: Can you explain the different types of gold rings sold at Elma?
A: We offer a more detailed guide to Gold metals such as yellow, white and rose Gold, as well as a comprehensive guide to gold carats, where you can learn more about the different types and carats of Gold, and all other metals we use to manufacture our collection of wedding bands and engagement rings.

    Q: What do you advice with regards to wedding rings for men?
A: Our stunning range of men’s wedding bands are made of a variety of different metals each of which boasts a unique set of advantageous properties.

There is no specific metal or style of ring that is suited to every man. Therefore, before making your purchase, it is important to consider as well as your budget and style preferences; your lifestyle – in particularly your occupation. Say your line of work involves manual labour; go for a hardwearing metal such as Titanium, Cobalt or Tungsten, these metals are resistant to abrasives and tarnishing.

You may find, within our buyer’s guide for men's rings, a detailed description on each of the metals we offer, useful in the making of this all important decision.

    Q: Where exactly is the engraving done on the ring?
A: Engraving is done on the inside of the ring. It is important to bear in mind that the limited surface area of the ring will allow for very limited text.

    Q: Can you do Bespoke ring design or a particular Diamond Cut?
A: Yes. If the customer sends us the product details, we can do bespoke custom design wedding rings and diamond cut on site. Note that this is a special order and cannot be refunded.

    Q: What is the difference between this store and the Elma jewellery eBay store?
A: In general we offer the same products on both, however, on this website we are able to offer a larger selection of wedding bands for much lower prices. Other benefits of ordering via this website rather then the Elma jewellery eBay shop can be found here in more detail.

    Q: Can i return my ring for a refund or exchange?
A: Yes, we do accept return's.
We offer a 14 days no question's asked return / exchange policy, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase (except for engraved rings), please email us using the contact us form and we will email you a return's number, ones your return has been received, we will go ahead and refund / or exchange as requested by you.

    Q: What is your policy with regards to my potential displeasure with my engraved ring?
A: Unfortunately albeit understandably; unless faulty, we cannot offer a refund on engraved wedding rings, due to their personal nature.

In order to eliminate spelling errors and mistakes occurring, we advise you to double check the exaction and precision of your wording, before you proceed to submit it for engraving.