Wedding Ring Engraving

Wedding Ring Custom Engraving

Engraving on an item of jewellery such as a wedding ring adds elements of personalisation.

For an added charge, Elma jewellery offers a ring engraving service in that text can be engraved inside the actual band of the ring. The length of the text – be it a; name, date or personal sentiment, is further constricted depending on the size and width of the ring.

There are different mechanisms of engraving on the ring as well as different styles of text – each of which, produce different results.

All this will depend on your overall preference of style– is it; exotic or more classic and toned down.

All of our engravings are done inside the ring by machine engraving – Machine engraving is accomplished through the use of different types of power driven engravers. It is a very efficient, and the results are incredibly precise. Furthermore, it works well even with enduring metals such as platinum and palladium.

We also offer the ability to choose between a regular classic font or a script font.

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