Elma Jewellery eBay

When comparing our Elma Jewellery eBay store versus our Website, we are often asked which of these two online stores provide the better alternative,

When compared, our own web store Elma Jewellery is clearly the winner, since we are able to provide a much better customer experience here, where as with our eBay store we are more limited, and at times restricted to the eBay policies.

Here are some of the perks, you as a Elma jewellery customer will be able to enjoy when ordering via our website rather then via the Elma eBay store;

  • Larger Selection - On our website, we are able to carry a much wider selection of wedding rings, engagement rings and other jewellery
  • Lower Prices - Since we don't need to pay any transaction fees - as opposed to the Elma Jewellery eBay store - we are able to offer you much more affordable prices in addition to seasonal discount codes
  • Customer Service - When ordering your wedding rings via this website, we are able to offer you customer service on a much larger scale, take for example our 'Live Help' feature with a customer service representative always on stand by, gladly answering your questions
  • Buyers Education - On the Elma Jewellery website, we offer our customers, very comprehensive buyers guides covering all subjects such as metals, diamonds, ring settings and much more. So before you make your ring purchase, you can better educate yourself

With all the above being taken in consideration, Elma jewellery's website is a much smarter choice, compared to the Elma jewellery eBay store.