Cobalt Metal Guide

Buyers Guide - Cobalt Metal


Cobalt Wedding Rings This largely popular metal with is renowned for its trademark luminous shine.

Out of all the contemporary wedding ring metals, cobalt bears the greatest resemblance to white gold.

Cobalt jewellery particularly rings are of a pleasing weight and are available at large in a range of comfort fits.

It is widely used in industry to electroplate metal jewellery such as wedding rings, offering a uniquely polished surface.

Its many attributes include its hypoallergenic properties rendering it suitable for those with sensitive skin. As well its resistance to scratching and chipping and its ability to retain shape, deem it particularly suited for men and to those who intend on wearing their rings heavily.

However, it is worthwhile to note that cobalt rings is virtually impossible to resize, only tolerating minor adjustments. Hence, it is important that before making a cobalt wedding band purchase, you are confident and happy with your size selection of the wedding ring.

With regards to maintenance, cobalt is easy. The occasional rinse and scrub with warm water and dish soap is enough to restore your cobalt wedding ring and other cobalt pieces to their original lustre.